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Friendly tips for our early morning/late evening

drop off service customers

Our drop off is located at the far rear corner of the dealership, at our Parts Department entrance. (From Route 73, north bound side, go to the 1st street just passed the dealership and turn right

onto Commerce Parkway. Proceed to the 3rd entrance of dealership on the right side. Gates will

be open at this location only.)

After parking your vehicle in an available parking space: please make sure that you

remove any valuables from vehicle, lock all your doors and that your windows/sunroof are closed. (It is recommended that you don’t leave any other keys, plus you don’t want to get home and realize that you don’t have your house keys.)

Next to the glass entrance doors at our part department there is a metal drop off box. Slide open metal drawer for our drop off envelopes. Fill out the form on the envelope completely, making

sure that you sign the bottom of the envelope and circle a dollar limit*. Place your vehicle key/fob

in this envelope and seal. Drop sealed envelope with key/fob into drop off slot located in the metal pull out drawer.

* NO repairs can be performed without your signature and a dollar limit circled.

Basic diagnostic charges are: $57.99 up to ½ hour (Drivability, Noise concerns, etc.)

$114.99 up to 1 hour (Check Engine Light, Electrical concerns, etc.)

* A dollar limit needs to be circled even if you believe that your vehicle is covered

by the Toyota Factory or Extended Warranty. If vehicle is determined to be covered under the Toyota Factory Warranty there will be no charge for the diagnostics or for the repairs. (Note that some Extended Warranty policies may have a deductible.) Determination of Toyota Factory Warranty or Extended Warranty coverage can be made only after vehicle has been diagnosed.

On the drop off envelope you can also fill out a request to “Try to have vehicle ready by”.

This time may or may not be possible depending on appointment status, the work being preformed and qualified technician availability. We will try to accommodate all time requests.

Please leave the phone number where you want be contacted, since your Service Advisor will be contacting you with information and updates about your vehicle during the day.